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About ASA Philippines

ASA Philippines is a non-profit, non-stock corporation specializing in microfinance. The first branch that the foundation started with was in Camarin, Caloocan in August 2004, and as of today the foundation has already expanded its operations nationwide. The foundation caters to more than a million clients who are called by ASA as Micro Entrepreneurs.

Brief History

In the younger years of his life Mr. Kamrul H. Tarafder worked in ASA Bangladesh. Starting in 1998 he worked both under ASA and the United Nations Development Programme for five years, teaching the ASA methodology to more than twenty microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the Philippines.

The former employee of ASA Bangladesh met with Ambassador Howard Dee (former ambassador of the Philippines to the Vatican) sometime in August 2003, when they discussed the social and economic benefits received by the poor from microfinance operations. Soon after, in 2004, with donations from Assisi Development Foundation and the Benigno Aquino Foundation, ASA Philippines Foundation came to be. With its excellent performance in the field, ASA soon became one of the youngest, fastest growing and best performing MFIs in the Philippines.


We are a not-for-profit organization devoted to helping an increasing number of poor Filipino families rise out of poverty by providing microfinancing to help them establish or otherwise improve their own micro-enterprises that shall result in increasing family incomes and savings while giving them greater access to life support goods and services, in the most cost-effective sustainable manner.

We will be able do this because we will be the best managed MFI offering the best value for money MFI packages in the Philippine market.


ASA Philippines Foundation has made its commitment to three sectors. The first is a commitment to the marginalized poor sector for which the Foundation exists. The second commitment is to the staff members who are dedicated to the Foundation’s mission. We are also committed to making our founders’ and patrons’ vision a reality. To these ends, we shall:

  • deliver the highest value for money and client-responsive microfinance and supplementary products and services to the poor through the enterprising women of the family;
  • create the best place to work in, where every staff member has the chance to live in dignity, develop a career path and have the fulfillment of changing people’s lives and their own;
  • eventually develop other sustainable interventions supplementary to microfinance such as providing scholarships for deserving children of clients; and
  • be self-sustaining and be the best managed microfinance institution in the Philippines.

Primary Services

There are three major service products being offered to the enterprising poor for the improvement of their economic condition. The following services are being offered:


  • Evenly divisible by a thousand (Ex. ₱1,000, ₱2,000, ₱5,000 etc.)
  • No upfront deductions (ex: if the loan is ₱5,000, then this exact amount is released)
  • Loan is initially between ₱6,000 to ₱10,000 (depending on the business or pay off capacity of the borrower)
  • Interest rate is 15% (for six months)
  • The payments are made weekly (₱50 for every thousand pesos borrowed by the client). There are 23 repayments made for each cycle of six months.

Capital Build-Up (CBU)

  • CBU is an alternative micro savings service for the clients. This serves to promote the idea of poor families saving for the future in order to meet family emergencies and other needs.
  • This CBU is withdrawable any time based on the client's convenience and need.
  • Clients can deposit an amount of ₱50 or more during the weekly collection meetings at their doorsteps.
  • The CBU accounts of the clients earn interest at 7% per annum.

Locked-in Capital Build-Up (LCBU)

  • Locked savings is fixed and mandatory and serves as a monitoring tool of the client's performance whereby we base our decision for her loan renewal and if an additional amount of loan can be given.
  • Client deposits ₱10 a week.
  • Non-withdrawable but 100% refundable
  • Once the accumulated deposit amount reaches ₱2,400, 50% or ₱1,200 shall be transferred to the client's CBU account where she can withdraw it.
  • Refundable on the day a client wishes to leave the program
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