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Other Programs


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Since 2009 ASA Philippines Foundation has been providing children of clients, with above average grades in high school, scholarships to continue their education in college. As of 2013, ASA Philippines already has 1,300 scholars, some of whom have already graduated from this program and are now employed by ASA. An estimated amount of USD 500 is given to each scholar every year, until they have completed their bachelor's degree.

Medical Mission

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ASA Philippines Foundation conducts medical missions to help clients and their families who are in need of medical assistance. Some of these activities include health and dental checkups. Several missions have already been conducted in remote areas by ASA and jointly with other MFIs running the same mission.

Business Development

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The business development program consists of several activities from training to promoting clients and their self-made products. One activity of this program is livelihood training which trains clients to make various products that they can sell at their stores. Some capable and creative clients are given special loans that are much higher than the average to continue developing their business and become self-sustaining. ASA also helps various clients with self-made products to promote themselves and have their abilities recognized by the outside world.

Disaster Aid

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Many unforeseen disasters and natural calamities have struck the clients of ASA Philippines Foundation in recent years. ASA has always stood by its clients and those who are most in need of assistance in times of disaster. Aid relief goods are prepared by ASA staff themselves and brought to the clients.

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