01. Right to Complain

The client has the right to complain and be heard through ASA Philippines Client Grievance Addressing Unit (CGAU) at 09178296100 or 09228977695 for cases of staff misappropriation, personal transactions, abuses and unprofessional treatment by the staff or unsatisfactory and delayed services.

02. Right to Refuse

With this right, a client can choose to refuse loans which are expensive and which, given her capacity, she cannot possibly pay back. The client should be protected against the marketing of loan products or the provision of services that are grossly disadvantageous to her.

03. Right to Information

The client must be protected against dishonest or misleading marketing and has the right to be given the facts and information she needs to make a well-informed and good choice.

04. Right to Choose

The client has the right to choose from among various service providers including ASA Philippines for the most competitive charges with the best service delivery and quality.

05. Right to Secrecy and Privacy

A client has the right to keep her personal and financial information including CBU, LCBU and loan accounts confidential and classified.

06. Right to a Fair Collection Practice

A client has the right to statements, words and remarks which are neither threatening nor dangerous to her life, dignity and well-being.

07. Right to Say No

A client has the right to reject bribery from staff or group members which will lead to the use of her name in dummy making and anomalous loan transactions.

08. Right to ON-TIME Service Delivery

A client has the right to receive loans, withdrawals, returns and benefits on time. She should not have to wait in the branch for more than two (2) hours during releases including an hour for policy broadcasting.

09. Right to Second Chances

A client has the right to reloan or be accepted back into mainstream services in cases of unintentional default.

10. Right to Staff Respect and Professional Treatment

A client has the right to be properly served and treated with utmost respect by ASA Philippines staff.

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